What’s Your Legacy?

What’s Your Legacy?

Last year I received an Honourable Mention in this special Legacy edition of the Redgee Awards that celebrates a business’s body of work produced over the last 10 years for judges to evaluate as a whole.

A couple of months ago Designedge Canada release their latest issue that featured all of the winners. I was lucky enough to get a small feature in the magazine (page 38) that showcases the work I did for Collingwood Brewery that you can check out in my portfolio, here.

As I continue to grow my business the impact of my work can spark a new generation of designers, much like the designers featured on the cover (Robert Burns, Heather Cooper, Jim Donoahue, Allan Fleming). They’ve devoted their entire career producing work that has change the Canadian design industry forever. What keeps me passionate about graphic design is that it's a career that continues to get better over time, just like Jim Donoahue, that is still designing at age 80.

Thank you for the Honourable Mention Designedge Canada! I'm grateful to be recognized amongst so many talented designers, congratulations to all the winners. Check out the Redgees Legacy Award Winners at redgees.ca/legacy


What advice would you give to young designers?

"I guess the advice would be to really think about it. Really what it is you’re trying to do. Don’t just immediately go to your computer and drag a bunch of sh*tty symbols that are available there for free. That’s just not going to solve it. You’ve got to go through the process of design. The process of thinking has been lost. I just don’t think a lot of new designers go through that, they go to the computer and go, ‘Well, I’ll pick a piece there, and put that with that.’. You’re not saying ‘What’s the most inventive way I can show this company? What logo can I do that will reflect on this company and people will understand what it is that they do, and understand they’re really good at what they do?’ " – Jim Donoahue