Made by Muskoka.

Made by Muskoka.

This year will be a decade of living & working in beautiful Muskoka, ON Canada. I’ve had a number of opportunities to move to different parts of the country but I still enjoy all the environmental & economic benefits of living in this little place I call home.

As I continue to build my business, my clientele has grown outside of my local area. However, I believe in fostering the creative community within Muskoka by offering other brands & businesses the chance to work with Pixel Flex.

I am looking to work with six new passionate entrepreneurs that are based in Muskoka. Why only 6? My schedule allows me to focus entirely on a limited number of new projects each year, yet allowing me to balance the work with my existing clients. If you are interested launching a new website or redesigning your old one, tell me about your project by filling out my Project Planner or contact me directly at [email protected]

I plan to expand this “Made by Muskoka” idea into a separate website this year that will not only feature the work I create for these clients but also feature a community of people that are making great things in Muskoka, stay tuned : )


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